sublimetext3 Package Control Customizing sublime text


Once you have package control installed, it is super easy to install any plugin, theme, color scheme, syntax that you want!

  • plugin: perform an action (compile your less code into css for example)
  • theme: change the entire skin of sublime text (tabs, sidebar, command palette, etc)
  • color scheme: change the color of your code
  • syntax: define how code should be highlighted.

How do I find a package

You can search for packages on this website:, or simply search for some key words when you decide you need to install a package (see below).

Once I choose which package I want to install, how do I install it?

From ST, bring up the command palette, and type install package until package control: install package is hightlighted, and press enter.

Wait a bit, and a list with all the package available will come up. Type the name of the one you want to install, and it enter. Done!

Note: It is safe to restart sublime text after you've install a package. But it become less and less useful (sublime text gets better, so you almost don't need to now). So, just restart it if something is weird, not just because I said it.