sublimetext3 Vocabulary Color Schemes


The color schemes changes the colors of the code. They can change, for example, with which color the keywords are highlighted, with which color the line the caret is on is highlighted (needs highlight_line to be set to true in the preferences (not part of the cojor scheme)), what is the color of the caret, etc.

Many themes come with color schemes, or many packages contain plenty of them.

needs example of packages

The color scheme are defined in a .tmTheme file. This is an XML file in the Property List format, which is used by many text editors.

The convention for the color schemes packages name is that they start with Color Scheme -

Color Scheme - Focus


  • you can use this web app to create/edit your color schemes: tmTheme editor.
  • An other tool is ColorSchemeEditor which allows to edit your color scheme from Sublime Text.
  • You can also switch very quickly of color scheme using Schemr