sublimetext3 Package Control Installing an unlisted package


By unlisted package, I mean a package that is not available through Package Control (yet). So, you can't find it in

BUT, you can still install it using Package Control, so you'll get all the advantages. For example, they'll be automatically updated, just like a "regular" installation.

And it's really easy.

  • Find your package repository (it'll often be on GitHub, but you can use a BitBucket one) and copy the URL.
  • Search for Package Control: Add repository in the command palette (ctrl+shift+p)
  • Paste the URL
  • Hit enter

And now, it's just like if this package was on the default channel (a channel is a simple list of packages. The default one is the one you get... by default 😃).

  • Search for Package Control: Install Package in the command palette (ctrl+shift+p)
  • (you might need to wait a few secs) Search for the package you want to install
  • Hit enter!

That's it! Pretty cool, huh? So, if you're a package developer don't hesitate to let them know they can do it this way (always better than the git clone and git pull 😉).

Note: Feel free to copy/paste this text in your readme, or adapt your own version!